Oxlove or Oxhate – The Tinder Edition. Possibly the a lot of typically Oxford associated with Tinder sons.

Oxlove or Oxhate – The Tinder Edition. Possibly the a lot of typically Oxford associated with Tinder sons.

Your very own guide to Oxford’s finest.

We’ve all had the experience. Clean out a separation, absolutely nothing to carry out on a weekend day, or just a little annoyed. It’s an easy task to produce a profile, and hard break free from the never-ending interval as soon as you’ve come down that online dating software rabbit hole. But to help save the pressure of knowing who’s worthy of those important right swipes, Cherwell are making a person a definitive advice on Oxford Tinder young men… review at your very own risk.


Is generally recognized by the classic ‘boats n hoes’ canal photos – benefit things if they’re in lycra, eyewear, or head to toe stash. If they’ve her erg scores inside their biography, operate a mile.

PROS:There’s grounds that countless ones have actually topless photos…

DOWNSIDES:…there’s in addition good reason that many of them are always on Tinder – decided you can have a two-minute swap without rowing marked on your calender? Rethink it all.


Another classic Oxford kid – straight-out of private school and into area, with a quick remain in Oxford to you need to mom and father. This person ended up being most likely originally from an impeccably tailor-made accommodate, and speaks like he’s been in elocution course since he was three – better the guy almost certainly has.

CONS:There’s a thing therefore unnerving about somebody who has their own lives with each other at 19… have you a proper person?

PROS:Somehow has dollars – anticipate to getting wined and dined.


You almost certainly vaguely realize this guy because he’s rested with no less than 2 of friends currently. Then never texted them back. Pleasant, good looking, and about because genuine as Katie Price’s nipples, however this is someone to approach with care.

EXPERTS: they won’t get those irritating ideas…

DOWNSIDES: …but you could get chlamydia.


This person expended the summer months before uni browsing Nietzsche, Sartre and Charles Bukowski, that is currently looking for his own one real love (if love is available) to regurgitate his deeper, deep feelings onto. Continuously. May be discovered by black color turtleneck, breaking eyebags and surprising failure to smile.

EXPERTS: good for working out for you really way of thinking essays.

DRAWBACKS: Thus dull. Hence self-obsessed. So perhaps not really worth expensive espresso you’ll want to buy.


Although Oxford has its great number, The chap is actually a universal type. Usually available in the Four candle lights, or admittedly, getting a cheeky Nando’s, the universal thread that binds a handful of Lads collectively is being a laugh, and loving a pint. Will come in numerous shades, most notably Rugby chap, Clubbing chap, or just your own usual and gardening Lad’s Lad.

PLUSES: often fairly a lot of fun, or receives the two of you drunk enough which you don’t truly consider.

CONS: you simply learn you’re gonna be the main topics chat within pub on your sons tomorrow.


He makes sense. He’s watched those pages about consumers producing the company’s Tinder users into PowerPoint presentations. They recognizes that comical folks attain the babes. Dilemma is, it’s all been done before. You could swipe suitable because of the vine mention with his bio, but you’ll soon enough know it’s duplicated word after word from a 2017 tweet. Sigh. Not so different to be honest.

EXPERTS: 10/10 for efforts, even in the event they comes flat shortly after.

CONS: obtains much less interesting any time you’ve read you tenth one out of one hour.


He’s self-assured, he’s chatty, he’s grabbed a banging headshot as 1st photo – it is they just messaging you to receive that you visit his brand new gamble? An individual can’t help but ponder what percentage of individuals into the guests are their chirpses, and you’re as well awkward to hang around after ward and find out.

EXPERTS: You could possibly introducing a new-found passion for individual theatre – further interesting than half the guy you’ll fit with in any event.

DOWNSIDES: 75% potential you’re getting ghosted the minute this week’s BT extend has ended.


One complement on Tinder, you really have some banter, all is excellent. Some fun times, maybe a sleepover and then eventually – bam. They disappears. You’re kept wanting to know where in the world every thing has gone incorrect, and soon you understand that you’re the fifteenth girl he’s performed this as well to date this coming year, and also it’s not even the beginning of Trinity. Heart-breaking. Or it would be in the event you weren’t messaging seven different folks on the other hand.

PROFESSIONALS: At least he’s typical. The club is reasonably reduced at this juncture.

CONS: you’ll develop minor abandonment dilemmas, but absolutely nothing Bridget Jones and seven pictures of tequila can not fix.


You’re viewed your on Oxlove (or Oxford Dank Memes community), that you have fifty mutual good friends on facebook or myspace, great name comes up in discussion at least once a week. Clearly you’re visiting swipe correct, mainly for the cam at the very least. However, you before long know that he’s making use of either you to get Union ballots, meme responds, or other confidential romance statement to improve his own gallery.

POSITIVES: Your buddies assume you are awesome for speaking with him.

DRAWBACKS: You’re probably going to need to get to the back of a very long list for his own affections.


This package can mainly be categorised by what they hates, which includes (but is not simply for): rowing, black-tie, giving in work punctually, the JCR committee, anyone who attended public school, and daily life it self. Can also be categorised because actuality he does not a single thing to modify the bad components of these things, but will run his own teeth off moaning about all of them.

BENEFITS: usually go together with a reasonably egalitarian personality to our lives.

DISADVANTAGES: For some reason is able to become more aggravating and ‘Oxford’ than everything the man hates.


At first glance you could think that it chap dresses well and listens to cool songs, but you soon enough realize that it’s the exact same corduroy trousers/denim jacket/artic monkeys combo as everyone he’s buddies with (and a lot of of Wadham). You can get him or her at Bully, an overpriced timeless shop (but never ever an Oxfam) or crying into a craft beer the reduction in basement.

POSITIVES: 1/10 are really original and intriguing individuals

DOWNSIDES: Will inevitably have stronger attitude on peace Base lodge and Casino, and you will probably definitely discover these people.

Generally there you go, a certain help guide to the Oxford young men of Tinder. Now get back to swiping – you realize you must.