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Optionally, you may also choose to enter a product key. For this guide, I am going to leave the product key blank, as my organization uses Active Directory-Based Activation . There’s also a redesigned Settings app, new themes, new sounds, and rounded corners everywhere you look.

Follow the installation guide and set up all the configurations. Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune is just a policy facilitator or the server-side engine that helps admins to configure WUfB policies on the client-side. Once the policy is delivered and configured by Intune server-side and client-side, it’s all managed by the Microsoft Update service. Microsoft on Monday announced the release of a new Outlook Lite application for so-called „lightweight“ Android mobile phones. „There are now more than 1.4 billion monthly active devices running Windows 10 or Windows 11, and they’re a powerful on-ramp for both our first-party and third-party services,“ Nadella said.

Summary: Steps to activate Windows 10 with a digital license

Microsoft projects that every PC that is currently running on Windows 10 will be upgraded to Windows 11 by mid-2022. For example, it will become increasingly difficult to find software compatible with the old operating system. Some programs, including Microsoft 365 apps, will stop receiving updates. If you continue to use Microsoft 365 apps on Windows 8.1, you will likely encounter performance and reliability issues over time.

  • There are many detailed instructions for installing Windows 10 on the web.
  • The new version of Microsoft’s operating system comes with some strict minimum specifications, and many old computers don’t meet this criterion.
  • At the time of writing, we were able to download system and security updates on an inactivated copy of Windows 11 with no issues.

For this version of Windows, most notably the demand that your PC have a TPM 2.0 installed. Click Nextand Windows will ask to accept terms and conditions and then tell you what version of Windows 11 will be installed and what data you’d like to keep. On Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you can right-click the file and select Mount. On older versions, you need to use third-party mounting software like WinCDEmu. Name the entry AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU and then double click on it and select its value as 1. You can easily download download Windows 11 ISO file from the Microsoft website.

NDI for Final Cut Pro

Your screen is now captured and copied to the clipboard. You can paste the screenshot on any window you like by pressing Ctrl+V. You can paste the screenshot on the Paint application, for example, and make further edits and save the file. This is an intuitive screen capture tool with numerous integrations & extensive editing features that allow you to edit, annotate and save screenshots.

Microsoft Windows 11 now comes installed on new PCs following its first testing phase through the Windows Insider Program and public release in 2021. Some Windows 11 users may wish to give one or more of these apps a look, but for most users these icons just increase the clutter on your Start Menu. You can remove them by right-clicking the icon in question and selecting Uninstall from the context menu. The first annoying thing I noticed when Windows 11 booted up was a large promotional screen asking me to sign up for a Game Pass using the Xbox app. It may be different for you, but I never, ever want the Xbox app to run on my laptop.